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9 February, 2020.

The blog of Flamenco Fashion turns two years! Two years in which we have talked a lot about La Feria de Sevilla and other fairs and pilgrimages typical of Andalusia, but we have also written about flamenco dancing, about trends and catwalks and, of course, about how flamenco woman wears her flamenco dress through the streets of El Real.

In short, two years may seem like a lot, but when  writing about something you like, as is everything related to the world of Flamenco fashion, time flies by. Therefore, today we invite you to remember some of the best posts dedicated to flamenco dresses and accessories, do you feel like joining us?

The origins of Flemish fashion

To start at the beginning, we should mention the first post that, as it could not be otherwise, was dedicated to the origins of flamenco dress and, in it referred to the typical costumes that women wore the cattle fairs and that, thanks to their skirts with ruffles, looked very good when the Andalusians danced flamenco.

Flamenco dresses: trends

From those humble origins of the flamenco dress and its accessories, was born a suit that became the regional costume of Andalusia. However, it has a unique feature that no other Spanish regional costume has: it adapts to new trends. Therefore, in the blog we have made many references to the SIMOF catwalk, where the news of each season in flamenco fashion are shown.

Flamenco and gypsy dress are closely linked, although if there is a place where flamenco fashion can be seen in all its fullness, that is the Seville Fair, the best known of the Andalusian fairs. How to choose the perfect dress, the mistakes to avoid with flamenco dresses for fairs and, definitely, to give tips to choose the perfect flamenco dress.

Although it is true that the flamenco dress adapts to new trends, prints, colors, or fabrics, there is always classic that is infallible to wear in an Andalusian celebration: canastero dress, ideal for both fairs, as for pilgrimage and that, of course, can be customized with seasonal trends in flamenco fashion.

Flamenco: a worldwide artistic expression

Beyond being an Andalusian regional costume, flamenco dress is also related to flamenco dancing, which arouses interest throughout the world. We have dedicated several posts to flamenco, in fact, we have the basics of flamenco dance, music, hand movements and much more …

And it would be difficult to think of flamenco dancing without a good gypsy dress that accompanies the dancer !

Celebrities in flamenco dresses

Not only does the anonymous flamenco woman want to look impressive at fairs and pilgrimages: celebrities love flamenco fashion too! Celebrities do not give up looking perfect with flamenco dresses in all kinds of Andalusian events.

Among the celebrities, we couldn´t forget the musical phenomenon of the moment: Rosalia, which appears in many of his performances with clothes inspired by flamenco fashion.

Flamenco fashion for brides…

The flamenco wedding dress is an option that many women choose to say “Yes”. Celebrities and common women, Spanish and from any corner of the world, wear flamenco wedding dresses in such an unique date.

Accessories, footwear and flamenco hairstyles

Every flamenco girl knows that the flamenco dress is only part of the gypsy’s outfit, the outfit is not complete until the flamenco accessories have been added : earrings, flowers in the hair and, perhaps, a mantilla .

Once you have chosen the accessories, you should not forget that the perfect match of a flamenco dress is a pair of heels to complete the outfit, a good pair of esparto shoes or heels, they are the best options for a fair; while the Spartans are the best solution to go for flamenco pilgrimage.

And, of course, you can’t forget the flamenco hairstyle, after all, one of the worst mistakes you can make at a fair is to let your hair down. Therefore, we have dedicated several articles to flamenco hairstyles that included tutorials with trendy hair ups to become a real flamenca in just a few minutes.

Helping you choose the perfect flamenco dress is our mission in this blog, after all, the most important goal is that you look perfect in any flamenco celebration.





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