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9 February, 2020.

Many women decide to wear a flamenco wedding dress in the most important day of their lives. But, the trend of wearing an Andalusian dress is not just related to “normal” women, there are  many celebrities who choose a bridal costume inspired by flamenco style.

Flamenco fashion can be customized with new trends without losing a single iota of the essence that characterizes such a unique style, so racial, and so related to Andalusia. Therefore, for their wedding day, many brides opt that their dresses are being inspired by flamenco.

From those who point to innovate with their flamenco wedding dress, to those who choose more classic and simple costumes, completed with details inspired by flamenco, there are many celebrities who wear flamenco in their wedding. These are some of them.

Verónica Gutiérrez, bridal gown

To celebrate her wedding, held at the Salamanca Cathedral, the now-to-wife of the bullfighter Miguel Ángel Perera chose a flamenco wedding dress by Vicky Martín Berrocal. A gown that made it very clear that the bride wanted to look like a real Andalusian.


Image: Globedia.com Wedding of Verónica Gutiérrez and Miguel Ángel Perera

The mermaid cut dress, of mermaid included a skirt completed with a cascade of ruffles; ruffles that become a long tai: a bridal dress clearly inspired by the flamenco dresses that can be seen at El Real during la Feria de Sevilla. It is important to comment the elegant detail of Long sleeves, althougt he most original detail was the pronounced nude on the back.


Yeyes Manzanares, inspired by the world of bullfighting

José María Manzanares’ daughter chose a wedding dress with clear winks to the world of bullfighting and Flamenco culture.


Image: www.diezminutos.es Wedding of Yeyes Manzanares and Guillaume Cazelle


The dress, designed by Rosa Clará, was created from French lace and included a beautiful embroidery of rhinestones on the shoulders, similar to those applied to the jackets that bullfighters usually wear.

María Toledo, touches of flamenco

The singer and pianist María Toledo entrusted Vicky Martín Berrocal who designed and sew not just the wedding dress, but bridal accessories too! Simple and elegant is the result, without losing the Andalusian essence.


Image: hola.com Wedding of María Toledo and Esaú Fernández

Mermaid cut, which is one of the most used in Flamebci fashion (and one of the favorites of the Andalusian designer), was chosen for the creation of this simple bridal dress that made the originality of long sleeves stand out even more.

The Andalusian designer also signed the tear-shaped earrings that María Toledo chose to complete her outfit.


Raquel Mauri, the Andalusian bride

Not only celebrities related to the world of bullfighting and singing choose flamenco wedding dresses to say “yes”. A good example is Raquel Mauri, the current wife of Barça soccer player who chose a classic Flamenco dress to celebrate her wedding held at Seville.


Image: Webnovias.com Wedding of Iván Rakitic and Raquel Mauri

Raquel entrusted Atelier Pronovias for the design of her mermaid-cut wedding dress. The result was a spectacular wedding dress that encloses all the magic of flamenco dresses. In addition to lace and rhinestones, the most striking feature of the dress was the original cascade of ruffles, a classic of the flamenco dress, this time topped with lace. The same cascade of ruffles of the two-meter tail.

Flamenco dresses, the most personal choice

The celebrities in flamenco wedding dresses show that it is possible to include Andalusian details in wedding dresses.

On the one hand, Flamenco fashion adapts well to new trends, so choosing a flamenco wedding dress does not mean giving up an original touch with small (or clear) details inspired by catwalk trends.

On the other hand, flamenco fashion has a well-defined identity, and it is easy to recognize all its elements and detaits, so it is not necessary to give up any flamenco detail, such as ruffles, dots or flowers, in a dress mostly inspired by another style.

Whatever you are, if you want a classic flamenco wedding dress or if you want to add some flamenco-inspired detail, the professionals of the sector can advise you to make your dream of wearing a Flamenco wedding dress come true.



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