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10 September, 2019.


The dress is the star piece of the Andalusian woman; an elegant, feminine and very flattering garment that, by itself, makes a woman look like a flamenca. Despite de importance of the dress, the outfit is not completed until accessories have been chosen. In fact, choosing flamenco accessories properly is essential to feel like a real flamenco artist.

From head to toe, each of the accessories can help complete the dress, highlighting its color or print, even completing details that could otherwise go unnoticed. Even the simplest dress (if you use the term “simplicity” when talking about a flamenco dress) will look spectacular when the right accessories have been added.

And, when thinking about flamenco accessories, one of the typical and topical is a flower for the hair. The classic flamenco comb with flowers is back and ready to become a key piece in the wardrobe of every flamenco woman. Flower combs are now reinvented in flamenco diadems that not only complete the outfit but are protagonists in flamenco fashion.

Flamenco diadems with one color flowers

The flower on the head is a complement as typical as infallible. A good sized rose or a bouquet of two or three peonies are the perfect complement to a flamenco dress. A flamenco diadem made from one or two combs is easy to wear on the bun and, of course, comfortable when dancing flamenco, and it completes your style too!

As for colors, you can choose to combine the color of the flowers of the flamenco diadem with that of the polka dots of the dress or with that of the fringes, getting a harmonious and funny style.

In the case you want just something simple, a diadem of flowers in classic colors such as beige, white or pink are always a winning bet when it comes to completing the flamenco dress.

Red flower flamenco diadems: pure flamenco style


It is not necessary to complicate to find a perfect option by wearing flowers in your hair. A classic flamenco headband with red flowers is an alternative – almost – always valid, and with which it is easy to achieve a 100% flamenco style.

For example, you can choose to combine it with a dress that has the basic colors of flamenco, which are white, black or red.

If one of the two colors of the dress is red, this tone will be highlighted thanks to the flower flamenco diadems; on the contrary, with a black and white dress, the diadem of red flowers will get a beautiful contrast effect that will give the whole a lot of personality.

Flamenco headdress in two colors


As with flamenco dresses, flamenco accessories are reinvented every new season inspired by street trends. One of these trends is to combine two colors in the diadem. The usual thing is to choose the same colors that the dress looks, thus becoming a perfect complement.

The headband can also be an original way of introducing a second color into the set when the dress is monochrome. In this way, you can wear single color flamenco dresses while getting away from the total look by moving the contrast element towards the head.

As for the combination of flowers, not only the colors are mixed, but also roses and peonies can be mixed in bright and elegant compositions. A two-flower flamenco headband can be a very valid option, in fact, the secret is not to overload the diadem, if the size of the flowers is well chosen, so that the result is balanced, we will have the perfect complement to your dress flamenco

Custom flamenco diadems to match the flamenco dress


It is true that there are flamenco diadems designed to complete any flamenco costume effectively and, some of them are very good quality flamenco diadems to look like the perfect flamenca.

If you prefer to bet on an even more original complement, you can evaluate the option of having a customized diadems of roses or headbands with peonies with the same colors as your dress.

The best thing about flamenco diadems with flowers is that, being such colorful elements, it is not necessary much more to complete any dress. In fact, a simple flamenco a pretty diadem of peonies or roses are a perfect couple. Then a pair of earrings and a good pair of shoes are the rest of required elements so you can feel like a flamenco girl.

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