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2 September, 2019.

Despite the dress is the star to look like a real flamenca, the style is not complete until accessories are added, as they customize and complete her look. One of the most important accessories are two beautiful and colorful flamenco earrings.

A pair of flamenco earrings is indispensable to feel like an authentic flamenco woman as they create an authentic flamenco image. But flamenco earrings are not only essential, but they are also a key piece to give a different touch to the dress; in fact, just by changing some accessories, such as new pair of earrings, we can totally change the style of our flamenco dress.

Flamenco fashion is always evolving, including flamenco earrings that adapts new street trends every season. Throughout the years, the catalog of flamenco earrings has been adding new models, new shapes and new materials; nowadays flamenco woman can choose the perfect pair of earrings to complete the style she is wearing at the next feria or romería.


Types of flamenco earrings


A good choice of earrings can be the secret to success with your flamenco style. The first thing to say about flamenco earrings is that they have not been conceived to be a complement that goes unnoticed, but to highlight, therefore, flamenco earrings can be medium, large and even XXL earrings.

Attending to its form, these are some of the most popular:

Rounded earrings or flamenco rings: the most classic ones. It is a “typical” round flamenco earring and, generally, in color. Due to its size it is a complement that stands out and attracts attention. Infallible to complete the flamenco outfit and to give an original touch to the dress. A pair of hoops cannot be missing in a flamenco jeweler.

Openwork earrings: More than because of their shape, they stand out because of the beautiful filigree patterns that give them their name. They are an elegant and more sober complement. Openwork flamenco earrings are the most popular among flamenco brides.

Openwork earrings


Long earrings: They fall from the ear and may have a moderate length or be somewhat more exaggerated, almost to the point of rubbing the shoulder. To the classic long earrings in acetate, coral or precious metals, such gold or silver, original alternatives are now added, such as the long-fringed earrings or tassel earrings, which are so fashionable and trendy.


Teardrop earrings: These are long earrings, that is, they are wider as they fall. They are easy to find in acetate and bright colors, as well as in more sophisticated versions made of precious metals.


In the same way that there are different forms of flamenco earrings, there are also many materials for this accessory:

Plastic and acetate are two of the most popular options as they are available in almost any color, so it is easy a mix&match with the color of the flamenco dress and accessories to get a total look.

Coral is also a classic natural material for the elaboration of flamenco earrings;


Imitation jewelry earrings with crystals and stones are increasingly popular. The best of this option is that it adds new advantages when it comes to be original with the earrings, choosing models of large stones almost opaque or small colorful and transparent crystals that clink while the woman is dancing sevillanas.

Of course, you should never discard a classic pair of earrings in precious metals, such as gold or silver, which are always infallible to give a sophisticated touch to the outfit. Precious metals can also be combined with stones, crystals or pearls.

How to combine your flamenco dress with flamenco earrings


Earrings open a wide range of possibilities to achieve a unique style that reflects the personality of the woman.

An infallible trick to triumph is to choose matching earrings with the color of the flamenco costume or, if you want to give an original touch, it might be a good idea to acquire a pair of flamenco earrings with the same fringes that can be seen on the flamenco dress that you are wearing.


As an alternative, you can also mix the set of earrings with the rest of the costume, jewelry and accessories, in this way a much more colorful style will be achieved.

When combining your earrings with the rest of the flamenco outfit, the bases are the result you want to achieve and the limit is in your imagination, so do not be afraid to innovate with your flamenco earrings to get a style that stands out to succeed with your flamenco look.

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