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4 June, 2019.

Season after season, flamenco fashion updates to include new elements that enrich it even more. On the catwalk we can enjoy shows full of creativity in which designers let their imagination fly. In the case of the 2019 flamenco bridal fashion, these changes do not go unnoticed, and we find models that are increasingly different and innovative. 


It is true that there are many designs, patterns, fabrics and classical flamenco elements that are transferred to the bridal gown, more and more elements are emerging. There is a new reality: flamenco fashion for bride is becoming independent from the classical flamenco dress.




It is undeniable the role played by ruffles in flamenco fashion. In the case of the bridal dress, they still have a predominant role. We can find it in mini format, giving the dress an extra volume and accentuating even more the silhouette of the woman, the result is a spectacular dress that adapts perfectly to chest and waist.


In the sleeves, without overflowing too much, they have their space too. We can see them in wide straps in seasons in which the heat intensifies, or with long or short sleeve if we talk about a colder season.


In 2019, we can also see that there are several proposals that include superimposed ruffles in a spectacular tail. make the dress become a hybrid between the traditional wedding dress and a tailcoat with character. A more than attractive option for a bride who is not afraid to innovate and surprise.





This season brides can also see how lace covers the body of the flamenco, fusing the vintage air to the present of the flamenco bride. Most of the costumes that we find are characterized by a lace that becomes more and more present.


The upper parts of the dress can be almost completely covered by lace forming spectacular flowers and brocades, besides being without background fabric, lace can create a very subtle and elegant transparency effect. It is one of the best options for those who opt for a purist white dress, but they don’t want to renounce to give a different touch to the suit.


Necklines are also covered with lace. The most discreet brides, who do not want to give up wearing a good neckline but do not want to leave too much exposed, have in this alternative a perfect ally. In 2019, the flamenco brides can dare much more with their necklines, and not only the chest but back too! They can even reach the waist almost in the case of the back necklines.





Flowers are another of the classic elements of flamenco dress. Flowers have been evolving year after year and we can find the latest trends on the catwalk. If we decide to wear flowers in the hair, we can place them on one side, low or crown, or accompanied by two or more large flowers to create the effect of a bouquet. It usually consists of white, beige or bronzes and ocher flowers.


In 2019, we go further, why stay with flowers in our hair when we can integrate them into the suit? This proposal includes flowers as shoulder pads ended by fringes to get a completely different and original bridal dress.


In addition to flowers, this season’s accessories point to earrings. Most brides opt for silver or gold cascade or chandelier earrings, which may include jewels and brocades with crystals. The only condition to choose them is that we should flee from classic materials, colors and XXL sizes in flamenco accessories.


This same style is transferred to combs, with small sizes that dazzle in polished hairstyles and give most of the prominence to the flowers that shine in the hair.


Finally, talking about accessories, it is important to note that if in 2018 we saw two-piece wedding dresses, in 2019 this effect is created by rhinestone belts placed at waist height to create an optical effect of a two pieces bridal dress.








As in flamenco fashion, a flamenco bride offers a much more relaxed and comfortable style. If we do not want to opt for the classic cascade of ruffles, we can go to a dress with a rociero style with a single ruffle which parts from the hip. Besides being trend, it highlights the female silhouette.


This season 2019 we can also find plain – or almost plain – ruffles, and it is a perfect option to get a much more original cut on a bridal dress. We can also find skirts that are halfway between rociera and flamenco skirt as they include ruffles with a lot of fall which reaches knees. They are very comfortable dresses, that move away from the classic flamenco image without ceasing to be inspired by this type of fashion.






We have already seen that in terms of options, the catalog of bridal fashions is increasing so it offers more and more alternatives that includes all kind of brides, even those who want to run away from the obviousness of a classic flamenco dress. Whether you are modern or traditional bride, this season you can surely find your ideal model; the key is to get carried away by what most suits our preferences and to let us advise by the flamenco fashion designers who know best.


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