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9 February, 2020.

A common mistake among those looking for flamenco dresses is to buy online gowns as they think that it is the only way to find cheap costumes: fabrics and work tend to have very poor quality and the result is not a very flattering flamenco dress.

Did you know that there are ways to get cheaper flamenco dresses without risking the quality of the item ? One of these ways is the Outlet section of Guadalupe Flamenco Fashion, that includes best deals to find the perfect flamenco dress at incredible prices.

Flamenco fashion outlet: Best Deals!

If you are looking for a typical Andalusian flamenco dress and you want to look perfect despite you don’t have a big budget to spend, you should visit the flamenco fashion outlet section of the online shop. Let yourself be inspired by the original flamenco models designed by Guadalupe and surprise yourself with the interesting discounts they show.

Canasteros at the best price

Canastero is always an infallible solution to dress in a flamenco celebration. This typical Andalusian model, flattering and lightweight, can be customized with seasonal prints, a mix of fabrics or colors, according to the preferences of the woman who is going to wear it.

In the Outlet section of Guadalupe Moda Flamenca, you can find several options of canasteros with which you always get it right; two examples may be, the impressive Canastero Azabache that combines a polka dot print, with transparencies and lace, all in a black and white design that will undoubtedly capture all eyes; or the beautiful Canastero Turquesa , made with overlay, which combines white and turquoise.

Original flamenco dresses with discount

Trends such as asymmetrical dresses, the combination of fabrics or prints are among the most sought after by Andalusians who want succeed with their flamenco dress, but having a custom ized flamenco dress  increases the budget… Luckily, you can also value other alternatives, such as flamenco dresses in Outlet.


In the Guadalupe section you can find some original solutions to succeed with a flamenco dress. For example, the dress Solera, with an asymmetrical design and an original combination of turquoise with black details that finish off the frills and neckline, or the flamenco dress “Arena”, that mixes three different fabrics, including lace, floral pattern and a fabric in coral colour, which result in an impressive dress.

50% off Flamenco dresses

Among the dresses at the lowest prices, suits with discounts of up to 50% are included, in addition, in this section it is also possible to request small modifications or changes to the chosen flamenco dress.

For example, “Luz” flamenco dress, which has straps in the image, can be ordered with long sleeves for the same price. This flamenco dress should also be noted that it is a beautiful model in silver and with yellow and green details.


Short flamenco dresses for less than € 100

Short dresses are a cool and fun trend to wear in any Andalusian celebration, such fairs or pilgrimage. They are very flattering, since they stylize the figure, especially if they are combined with a good pair of heels, which help the woman to look taller and slimmer.

In the Outlet section, several flamenco women’s dresses are available and all of them are priced below € 100; These include the funny “Romina ”, a two-piece dress in red and white; or the short flamenco dress “Perfume” , which combines polka dot and a floral pattern.

Look like a real flamenco

Dress is important to look like a real flamenco woman in an Andalusian celebration; however, the outfit is not complete until the right accessories are added. At Guadalupe flamenco fashion, once the suit is purchased, you can also buy the flamenco earrings or a beautiful headdress of flowers with which to become an authentic flamenca ready to enjoy La Feria de Sevilla, el Rocío, or any other Andalusian event.


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