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Flamenco skirt DIY: how to make it at home

8 July, 2019.


A skirt is an essential element in a female performance of flamenco dance. Flamenco skirts accompany movements, moreover, thanks to their ruffles, they make the flamenco show vibrant, colorful and spectacular.

To make a basic flamenco skirt, the key is to respect a basic principle: the flamenco skirt must be light and comfortable. As for the rest of the flamenco fashion, skirts have evolved adapting well to new trends and styles, so today it is easy to find models that reflect the best of seasonal trends, both in cutting and confection, as well as in fabrics and prints.

Get your skirt done by and tailor is a good way to further personalize the style of a flamenco skirt, adapting it as much as possible to the dancer’s preferences; although there is also the possibility of making a DIY flamenco skirt at home.

This is what is needed for a flamenco skirt DIY with flight

How to make a flamenco skirt? Actually, to make your own skirt to dance flamenco is not difficult as long as you have everything you need to make it and you know how to do it.

What is necessary to make flamenco skirts is:

  • Patterns of the chosen skirt on pattern paper. Make sure you choose them in the right size. There are magazines with patterns for flamenco skirts, but they can also be found on the Internet. Of course, in the case of printing from the Internet, it must be done in real scale and on pattern paper, for example, Manila paper or onionskin.
  • The fabric – or fabrics – chosen. Enough quantity to be able to make a flamenco skirt successfully. You can choose a plain model or printed fabrics, and even dare to mix&match plain or printed fabrics!
  • Needles and pins, scissors.
  • Thread, that is suitable according to the type of fabric and the colors of the fabrics.
  • Chalk to mark the fabric.
  • A surface wide enough to be able to spread the fabric and smooth enough to draw with the chalk.
  • A measuring tape
  • A sewing machine It is not essential, but the preparation of the skirt will be faster, and the result more professional.

And to know how to make a skirt to dance flamenco, just have a look for one of the many video tutorials on the Internet. The exact steps will depend on the type of skirt chosen, since there are simple models of flamenco skirts, and more spectacular ones, with several ruffles falling on cascade.

In any case, these are the basic steps to make a flamenco skirt all by yourself:

  1. Prepare the patterns on paper.
  2. Spread the fabric on the chosen surface.
  3. Fold the fabric.
  4. Place the patterns on it taking into account the direction of the thread to avoid problems when sewing the fabric.
  5. Set the patterns with pins and mark their shape with chalk.
  6. Cut the fabric respecting the shape marked by the patterns. It is important to be very thorough and precise when making these cuts, since an error could ruin all the work.
  7. Once you have all the pieces of cloth, remove the paper patterns.
  8. Baste the pieces of fabric with a thread in a color that stands out to know where to sew.
  9. Sew the pieces of cloth with the sewing machine, or by hand if there is no machine available. When all the parts are sewn, remove the basting with the help of the scissors.
  10. Iron the skirt and its ruffles to achieve an impeccable finish.
  11. That’s all! Here you go a DIY flamenco skirt.

And to make it clearer, you can see this tutorial https://youtu.be/AJs6IKGZorY of Flamenco Sewing Patterns, in which they explain step by step how to make a simple flamenco skirt.

If you dare to do it yourself, you can highlight your flamenco movements with a unique and personalized flamenco skirt, made to measure by you and for you; but if you do not dare, do not worry there are dressmakers  and ateliers that can customize your skirt and make a model according to your style and your preferences.

After all, made by you or by a professional, the most important thing on a flamenco skirt it that it makes you feel sensual and feminine when dancing flamenco

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