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How much does a flamenco wedding cost?

8 July, 2019.

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Either because they have origins in Andalusia or, simply, because it likes, there are many couples who dream of giving themselves the “Yes, I will” in a flamenco wedding. Passion, power, strength and harmony are words related to flamenco, and they sound good as a basis for starting a marriage, don’t they? That is why the idea of ​​a wedding inspired by flamenco culture is so romantic.

Flamenco weddings are no longer a thing of Andalusia, not even of Spain, they are now a popular option throughout the world. However when it comes time to plan a dream wedding, a common question that is often asked by the couple is: How much does a flamenco wedding cost?

How much does a flamenco wedding cost?

It is very difficult to give a round price to a flamenco wedding, since there are many details to take into account.

For example, a flamenco wedding in Andalusia is easier to plan as it is easy to find different options for choirs, bands, flowers …; but it the wedding is in other Spanish regions, where perhaps, the offer is more limited and the prices are higher, the celebrations is going to be more expensive. Not to mention a flamenco wedding abroad, where there are not many things to find and Budget is going to include “extra” for shipping and travel.

Nor is it the same when the idea is to have only some details of flamenco inspiration, such as a “coro rociero” during the wedding ceremony or a flamenco wedding dress, as when the idea is to celebrate an authentic wedding in the purest flamenco style, in the that every detail is inspired by the flamenco and Andalusian culture.

Each wedding is unique, just as the bride and groom are, so it is not possible to give a closed price on how much a flamenco wedding costs. Anyway a range of prices can be given. And, already put, we can also add some ideas to turn that special day into an authentic event in the purest flamenco style.

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Prices for a flamenco wedding

Before saying yes

It’s done! You have decided to get married and the first thing is to announce it to the family by giving invitations. Why not throw a little wink on the theme with invitations inspired by the flamenco world? Polka dots, roses, a fan, a flamenco shoe … They are some original ways to invite friends, family and so.

The prices of a flamenco wedding invitation range from € 0.50 to € 6.

The flamenco bride

If the theme is a flamenco wedding it is because the future wife is going to wear a flamenco wedding dress.

The price range of dresses for flamenco bride is very varied. It will depend on the budget that the bride wants to spend, but some of the most recognized flamenco fashion firms have models for about € 1,200-1,600. In addition, it must be added a good pair of bride flamenco shoes to dance (15€0-300).

If you add a veil, and some jewelry, you would have to add € 600 more.

The ceremony

Traditionally, Flamenco weddings are by the church. Doing it in a church can be free, although if it is celebrated in cathedrals or well-known churches, you will have to pay to say yes. For example, getting married in the Giralda de Sevilla costs about € 200.

If you opt for a civil wedding, the prices range from € 0 to € 150.

The ceremony can add details to reinforce the flamenco spirit of the event, for example, to rent a horse carriage for the wedding that takes the bride to the church, or that moves the happy couple, costs 500E

And for the ceremony to sing a coro rociero, it will be necessary to add between 350 and 1,500 euros more.

Flamenco banquet and dance

In a flamenco wedding menu, you should not miss an appetizer with “jamón” cutter, Andalusian wines, rebujito, fish… Menu prices tend to vary a lot from one place to another, but more or less, you have to add 100 and € 150 per guest.

An original detail is to place a sweets table inspired by flamenco, with classic colors of flamenco, such as white and red, and details such as a guitar, castanets or a shawl. A table of this type costs between 400 and 500 €.

To liven up the dance, you can choose a flamenco group, whose price ranges from € 150 to € 600. To give the wedding an authentic flamenco flavor, you cannot miss a show of flamenco singing, dancing or zapateo that, in the case of adding it to the wedding, would add between € 300 and € 600 more.

An unforgettable flamenco wedding

And why not make the flamenco wedding unforgettable by sharing with the guests a detail also inspired by Andalusia and flamenco? Fans, olive oil, Andalusian wines, mirrors, combs … The list of wedding details is long, as is the price range, which can range from € 1 to more than € 50.

As an alternative, any wedding gift will always be turned into flamenco, choosing a polka dot, rose, comb, shawl….

Getting married is a unique event and it has to be unforgettable, a flamenco wedding is not more expensive than other types of weddings, so if the bride and groom wish to be inspired by this culture, the price is not a reason not to do so. By marking a budget, and organizing everything with detail, planning and time, the result will be an unforgettable celebration in the purest flamenco style.

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