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How to dance flamenco as a couple

4 June, 2019.

How to dance flamenco as a couple

Flamenco is an artistic expression. It is considered Andalusian – to tell the truth, it is the result of the mixture of cultures in Andalusia for many centuries – so it is a traditional Spanish dance, although today it is a universal artistic manifestation that arouses the interest of people from all over the world; in fact, they are more interested in learning to dance flamenco.

Dancing, singing and playing are the three parts that make up flamenco, and all of them to achieve a vibrant and exciting performance, in fact, each of them needs for its own space to stand out. There is something that everybody knows: flamenco is an individual dance. This Andalusian dance is the way in which dancer express a feeling. In flamenco, knowledge is important, but improvisation is essential to succeed.

Dancing flamenco as a couple: is it possible?

As we have already said, flamenco is an individual dance as it is based on improvisation. Hence, many of the most famous flamenco dancers perform their solo shows, just with guitar and clapping, to ensure that attention is focused on their movements. Therefore, it seems difficult to think in dancing flamenco as a couple.

But when you know all the palos flamencos – which is the correct name of the different modalities of this artistic expression – you discover that there is a flamenco style ready to dance with as a couple: sevillanas.

Sevillanas is best known traditional Spanish dance, but: did you know that this Andalusian dance is perfect to dance as a couple? Moreover, is a fantastic way to know the main rules of flamenco, and to become a good dancer with your couple.

This is how flamenco is danced as a couple

The flamenco dance of sevillanas is a story of seduction, for that reason, it has two protagonists: a man and a woman. In general, a flamenco couple is formed by a man and a woman, each one of them assumes a role during the dance, so man and woman have some characteristic movements and steps while they are dancing sevillanas together.

How to dance flamenco in a couple if you are a man

In the dance of the sevillanas, men are the sober part. Head and arms are the key parts of the male body, and they are in change of guiding the rest of the body. Arms are important in the male flamenco dance, but hands aren’t. The hands’ movements are quite restrained, to give prominence to the movements of their female partner.

A characteristic movement of man in flamenco is the zapateo, which is also missing when dancing sevillanas, and which adds character to the performance.

How to dance flamenco with your partner if you are a woman

While a woman is dancing sevillanas, she performs delicate, elegant and sensual movements.

The focus on female dance points to trunk and hips, which women move with grace and lightness while performing the basic steps of sevillanas. One of the keys of flamenco female dancers – both as a couple or alone – is the movement of the hands, as it adds sensuality to the dance. A good technique while moving hands is the key to succeed in flamenco dance.

The movements of the female body are completed by those who bring flamenco dresses that, with their ruffles and fringes, create a hypnotic and very energetic effect: that is the essence of flamenco!

Learning to dance flamenco with your partner

Sevillanas are considered as an easy way to get into the world of flamenco, as they have well-defined steps. Each of the steps is easy to acquire, so it doesn’t take a lot of time to get a good flamenco base that includes body, head, arms, hands and feet. So, if you opt for this discipline you can enjoy an activity to share time together while learning one of the most energetic and passionate artistic expressions as a couple. Anyway, it is important to choose a good couple to dance flamenco with which to understand each other well.

Do not forget that, if you learn as a couple, there are many more possibilities to finally learn to dance flamenco. So, do not think about it anymore, buy two good pairs of flamenco shoes and dare to take your first steps – flamenco steps, of course – together.

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