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10 tips to choose the perfect flamenco dress

As the Seville Fair comes, it is time prepare everything to enjoy this event which is considered as one of the most important celebrations in Andalusia. One of the indispensable things to enjoy the Seville Fair and to become a part of the celebrations is the flamenco dress. These costumes can be seen in many […]


The typical flamenco dress has long begun to admit all kinds of modifications to adapt to the ultimate trends and styles, as we can see in each new edition of the Flamenco Fashion Show. Young designers who are looking for a change so shine join traditional flamenco dresses to innovative trends to try and create […]

The origins of flamenco dress

Everybody knows flamenco dresses, which are related to Andalusian culture. Nowadays they can be showed on typical events and are a part of each of Andalusia’s traditions. But, the origins of flamenco dresses were far away from dancing, singing and having fun. It is quite possible that you can’t imagine were the origins of flamenco […]

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