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Flamenco skirt DIY: how to make it at home

A skirt is an essential element in a female performance of flamenco dance. Flamenco skirts accompany movements, moreover, thanks to their ruffles, they make the flamenco show vibrant, colorful and spectacular. To make a basic flamenco skirt, the key is to respect a basic principle: the flamenco skirt must be light and comfortable. As for […]

How much does a flamenco wedding cost?

Either because they have origins in Andalusia or, simply, because it likes, there are many couples who dream of giving themselves the “Yes, I will” in a flamenco wedding. Passion, power, strength and harmony are words related to flamenco, and they sound good as a basis for starting a marriage, don’t they? That is why […]


Season after season, flamenco fashion updates to include new elements that enrich it even more. On the catwalk we can enjoy shows full of creativity in which designers let their imagination fly. In the case of the 2019 flamenco bridal fashion, these changes do not go unnoticed, and we find models that are increasingly different […]

How to dance flamenco as a couple

Flamenco is an artistic expression. It is considered Andalusian – to tell the truth, it is the result of the mixture of cultures in Andalusia for many centuries – so it is a traditional Spanish dance, although today it is a universal artistic manifestation that arouses the interest of people from all over the world; […]

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