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When Feria de Abril is coming, it is important to make sure that everything is ready to look perfect in one of the most popular events of the Andalusian culture. Time is short and you have to spend a lot of time in choosing flamenco dress and shoe, accessories, make-up and, then you have to […]

Fashionable flamenco dresses: nude backs [update]

Simof has just finished and Fair of April of Seville 2019 is coming, everything is getting ready at the Real, so it is time to take a look on the trends that designers have shown on the catwalk. Innovative sleeves, asymmetries, superimposed ruffles on a classic shape, fabrics that no long time ago could be […]

How to dance flamenco if you are a man

It is sure that you have heard about one of the typical dances: flamenco. This dance, which is focused in singing and dancing, is very deep-rooted to the region. The expressiveness of the movements is one of the keys of this musical style, which requires that the dancer – called bailaor – emphasizes steps and […]

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