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10 September, 2019.


Andalusía is the birthplace of flamenco. Madrid is several hundred kilometers long; however, the capital of Spain is a fantastic offers a wide range of ways to approach flamenco. In fact, this can be an excellent way to take advantage of a visit to Madrid: to learn more about flamenco.

Both nationals and foreigners can enjoy flamenco dancing and singing in some of the best known and recognized flamenco sites. And when thinking about enjoying flamenco live in Madrid, one of the most popular ones is Casa Patas.

Casa Patas: live flamenco in the center of Madrid

In the heart of Madrid, just a few streets away from the center, we find Casa Patas, one of the best places to enjoy flamenco in Madrid. In fact, Casa Patas is not just a place to stay but, an institution that has done the most for the dissemination and projection of Spanish Culture and Flamenco Art at national and international level.


The building in which Casa Patas is located divides into several floors, which mean more than 1400 meters destined to give visibility to flamenco, not only as a show, but with a complete variety of activities and proposals, ranging from more classic to the most original, to approach flamenco.


Flamenco shows are the best known of the local attractions; however, it also surprises its interesting gastronomic offer, which brings together the best of Spanish and Andalusian cuisine. Quality, care, precision, attention and customized service have turned Casa Patas into a benchmark of Flamenco Culture and Art in the world. In fact, Casa Patas is declared Local Cultural Heritage of the City of Madrid.


Flamenco art tailored to the client

At Casa Patas, the aim is clear: to ensure that each client has a service tailored not only to their objectives, but also to their expectations. The organization of all kinds of events, from family to business, is the main service. They have been organizing events for more than 30 years, working with customer profile ranges from individuals and small businesses, to large corporations and institutions: these are the best proves of the dedication they work with and, above all, the best guarantee of a customized result.

Flamenco shows, gastronomic events, receptions, meetings … are just some examples of everything Casa Patas offers. But flamenco is not only an art to be admired, it is also possible to approach it and, at Casa Patas they offer all kinds of activities related to flamenco: dance, percussion, palms … for groups from 5 to 100 people. An excellent way to surprise partners, friends, family or customers.

Did you know that flamenco activities can be an excellent tool to develop and enhance personal or professional skills? A flamenco workshop can be an original and funny way to improve the relationship with your partners and clients. It can also be a different way to work on the dynamics of your company’s groups.



Objective: national and international projection of flamenco art

Flamenco live shows and gastronomy are only part of the cultural proposal that The building houses, since the Casa Patas Flamenco Conservatory Foundation is based on the upper floors.

The foundation is a non-profit organization whose objective is to promote and disseminate Flamenco in Spain and abroad. Teaching, research and organization of flamenco shows are the tools which the foundation works with to give more presence and visibility in some of the most important musical and folkloric festivals and events around the world. The work of the Casa Patas Flamenco Conservatory Foundation is essential for the international projection of Flamenco at an international level. In fact, thanks to the work of the foundation, Flamenco has reached more than 40 cities on five continents in just 10 years.

Together with the international diffusion of flamenco, the foundation also acts as a conservatory of flamenco art. Casa Patas offers a complete training that encompasses all areas of flamenco: singing, dancing, palms and percussion. Students from all over the world come to know and master flamenco. Currently, the institution has more than 200 students.


In Casa Patas you will discover that enjoying flamenco is not just sitting down to see how others create flamenco, it is admiring, learning, living and feeling the greatness of flamenco in the company of clients, partners, friends or family.

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