Canastero-style-pretty-design-dress-1 Canastero-style-pretty-design-dress-1
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<p>Canastero style pretty design, handmade with tulle . Decorated with trimmings in ruffles ....
ALMONTE "Canastero"
ROMERO "Canastero"
MIMBRE "Corto"

Flemish dresses

Don't wait any longer and discover now all the models of flamenco dresses that we have prepared for you during this 2021 and that will make you shine with your own light wherever you take them. This year will be full of novelties, the last trends we have been able to offer in the flamenco fashion shows and many surprises that, we hope, you will like as much as we do.

Within our catalogue of flamenco dresses you will find different models of clothing, from two-piece suits with shirt and skirt, to the classic flamenco dresses with flounces, the typical gypsy dresses. In the same way, we have also designed and made a whole line of flamenco canasteros dresses, the most traditional ones, with only one flounce for the flamencas who enjoy simple but equally colourful dresses. And finally, we could not miss the opportunity to create the so demanded flamenco semi canasteros dresses, with a single high and irregular flounce or with two superimposed flounces in the lower part of the skirt.

In this section of our website you can also buy flamenco dresses for both women and girls, so that age is never an issue when it comes to dressing these incredible traditional dresses of Guadalupe Moda Flamenca. Moreover, in this year's new collection we have made an extra effort to diversify our costume models, adapting ourselves to what our customers have been demanding for years: a good and complete collection of flamenco short dresses. Let yourself be surprised by all the types of flamenco dresses that we have prepared for you this 2021 and feel like a real gypsy in any fair you go to.

Flamenco dresses online

Within our online catalogue of flamenco dresses you will find all kinds of colours, among which two opposite trends stand out: the most passionate colours versus the dullest ones. On the one hand, the most passionate colours are represented by different shades of red, pink and coral. On the other hand, this year 2021 is also a year in which the dullest colours are again a trend due to their classicism and elegance. This way, in our catalogue of flamenco dresses for this year you will find many models that combine black and white, green and grey tones combined with mustard or the incredible emerald green.

In other models of our flamenco dresses are also very fashionable the pastel shades (in blue and pink especially) and the bluish green aquamarine style. Finally, as far as colour is concerned, this year the single-colour dresses are also successful, among which the white ones for brides and the black and red ones, which are mainly designed for dancing, stand out.

As for prints, this year the main protagonists are floral prints. Combined with plain colored stripes, with colored lace or with hundreds of trimmings, the overlay prints are just some of the must of this year in flamenco dresses. Likewise, we can't forget the most flattering classic that will never go out of fashion: polka dots. In short, in our online shop you will be able to find all kinds of flamenco dresses, from the most classic to the most trendy ones, so that you can buy the dress that really suits you without any complications.