<p>Yellow Tear-style-earring</p>
<p>Yellow earring with spheres and tear-style structure , based on imitation old gold.</p>
<p>Earring with spheres and metal sphere tears over old gold color,<br />and crystals.</p>
<p>Yellow Circle flamenca-style earring. Very light</p>
<p>Assortment bunch of flowers.</p>
<p>Assortment of different yellow flowers.</p>
<p>Pink and beige flamenco rose</p>

The accessories of any flamenco costume can become the real protagonists of a complete look, achieving surprising results that really make a difference. In Guadalupe Moda Flamenca we are specialists in achieving unique designs and combinations that amaze anyone, but if there is a section that we love is this one that we present today of Flamenco Accessories. 

In this part of our online shop you will find all kinds of flamenco accessories for children and adults that will help you to recreate an authentic traditional costume without missing any detail. After having a look at the section, you will realize that practically all the flamenco accessories are an essential part of this traditional costume and, thanks to Guadalupe Moda Flamenca, you will not miss any detail to go to the fair. 


Jewellery is one of the classic complements for the flamenco dress that cannot be missing in your wardrobe. Within our collection of jewellery, you will find the most spectacular earrings, bracelets and necklaces, from the simplest to the most authentic jewellery with inlays and reliefs, in all the colours you can imagine so that you can combine them as you prefer. 

Corsets, headbands and flowers

Another star accessory for your flamenco dress is, without a doubt, the flowers. Alone, in a bouquet or joining several to form a headband will be the perfect complement to any dress. Inside our online shop you will find all kinds of flowers, from pink and orange roses, to carnations and bouquets with combinations of different flowers. All the colors and infinite forms of flowers are waiting for you in Guadalupe Moda Flamenca.


Although they often go unnoticed, the truth is that the castanets are as important a complement to the flamenco dress as any other. More focused on the traditional dance, nowadays they also fulfil an aesthetic function that can give much more realism and duende to your flamenco dress. Enjoy our selection and get your complete outfit at the best price in Guadalupe Moda Flamenca. 

Trends in flamenco accessories

What we have clear in Guadalupe Moda Flamenca is that flamenco accessories are again super fashionable, a trend that we already saw succeed during 2019 and that, most probably, will also continue with us during the next years. From Guadalupe Moda Flamenca we wanted to bring you the latest trends in accessories to complete your flamenco dress and enjoy being the center of attention of any party. 

Although the world of flamenco accessories may seem limited to us, the truth is that every day we discover new things and new approaches that allow us to keep all our accessories always in fashion. Nowadays, where we see how the most classic flamenco styles are triumphing, we can't stop commenting on some star accessories that are in full trend, such as the round earrings. 

During the next years, we will see how this type of earrings, which are at the same time an unmistakable classic of the flamenco fashion, become a protagonist and essential to combine with any type of suit. The bet of this year consists of round earrings, of great size, with simple forms and classic colors, to always contribute an elegant touch at the same time that the comfort of the flamenco is rewarded. 

Another of the complements that will be in boom during the next seasons are the belts. This accessory, combined with small-sized shawls, has meant a revolution in flamenco fashion and, in Guadalupe Moda Flamenca, we could not wait any longer to include them in our catalogue. Whether as a mere decorative element, to mark the waist or as a method of fastening the shawl, belts are a must that, yes or yes, you must have in your wardrobe. 

Finally, another big trend for the next few years is maxi collars. A trend that is taking hold among flamingos and is loaded with large colored balls, flowers as a closure and a whole series of striking accessories that mark one of the most successful trends in accessories throughout the season.